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Why choose us?

VHUHALI Resources specializes in innovative technologies in the energy and environmental sectors.  VHUHALI has strategic partnerships with leaders in industry with many years of expertise. We are committed to bringing important solutions to South Africa that meet the rising demands for safe & alternate methods to generate energy.
VHUHALI holds technologies that promote zero waste creation.
Our technology generates energy by drying waste and sludge in treatment plants and water treatment plants to procure the energy.
VHUHALI provides waste management solutions to corporates, communities & municipalities.
VHUHALI Resources has qualified for level 2 B-BBEE certificate in South Africa.
Vhuhali Resources is a Level 2 BBBEE contributor with a BBBEE Procurement Recognition Level of 125 %.

During the R & D and Production stage, we optimize the costs for the benefit of our customers in order to produce the affordable solutions.
Our primary objective in the corporate structure is the high efficiency and productivity. We shape all this work in the direction of achieving the goal within our system.
Our goal is to provide the quality and effective customer service by creating
the difference in customer satisfaction and service at work.

Vhuhali Resources


Waste management generally refers to the collection, transportation and disposal of all streams of waste, domestic or household, industrial, mining, medical(hospital), hazardous as well as e-waste (old computers). Different equipment is used to collect these waste streams like a compactor, for domestic, waste, skip truck for industrial waste and the insulated body closed trucks for medical waste.


Vhuhali Resources offers solutions to Waste Disposal and Power Generation through Waste Disposal and Waste Energy Generation Technology. This technology is a zero emission, state-of-the-art products - from natural fertilizer production to energy production with the technology of drying and burning of sludge. Energy forms such as heat, electricity and or fuel from non-recyclable waste sludge can also be supplied to the economy by eliminating organic fertilizer production through various processes if requested. This recycling is provided by drying and incineration technology.


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