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Vhuhali Resources offers solutions to Waste Disposal and Power Generation through Waste Disposal and Waste Energy Generation Technology. This technology is a zero emission, state-of-the-art products - from natural fertilizer production to energy production with the technology of drying and burning of sludge. Energy forms such as heat, electricity and or fuel from non-recyclable waste sludge can also be supplied to the economy by eliminating organic fertilizer production through various processes if requested. This recycling is provided by drying and incineration technology. As our technology solution turnkey, we offer every operational solution including feasibility, design, planning and project implementation as well as business management. We protect our future and natural resources and contribute to the economy.

Vhuhali Resources Sewage sludge, which aims to be a leader in the drying industry in Turkey and in the world that rivals the quality, design and capacity are among the best companies. Sewage sludge drying technology to be the leader in Turkey in the same capacity against its European rivals, by manufacturing quality and design in these systems, also taking on the responsibility of the management it is willing to fulfil if necessary. For this purpose, ready-made, drying systems, belt drying system is manufactured. With the 450 ton / day capacity sludge drying facility that we can manufacture according to demand, we want to show the system with continuous testing and low cost with the local facilities by making test and trial production under the supervision of all institutions and organizations. R & D and product improvements some advantages related to the drying system made by our company;
• The plant is operated under low pressure
• With the condenser system, the chemical package is firstly cleaned from the contaminated gases and dusts in the rotten air which
will be sent to the bio filter in the odour treatment unit.
• High efficiency thermal energy systems are designed in accordance with the operating possibilities and are operated with low operating costs.
• In waste heat recovery system applications, minimum operating cost and the facility itself will be paid in a short time
• Human intervention is minimal with the applied automation system
• No odour and dust are released to the environment
• It is possible to work without intervention
• The permanent stopping of the operators is not required in standard operation. O2, CO, CO2 control and monitoring system can be integrated
Operating expenses are negligible with minimal maintenance costs. There is a belt type cooling machine for cooling dried sludge
• High thermal efficiency with exhaust air and normal air circulation
• Variable back-mixing and sludge from wastewater treatment plants can be easily adapted
Heat recovery at the entrance of the wet sludge to the filling bunker increases the heat
of the sludge at the inlet of the dryer and the gas in the inlet bunker can be removed and energy saving is provided by starting the drying unit from the first intake unit
Since the Scada system complies with the 104 protocol, the enterprise can be integrated into any brand of business Scada